12 dec 2018 SORRY ANGEL wins Louis Delluc Prize

Christophe Honoré’s SORRY ANGEL wins France’s Louis Delluc Prize which crowns the Best French Film of the year.

“I am tremendously humbled” said the 48-year-old director after receiving the prize during a ceremony at the Fouquet’s in Paris. “The film tries to propose a certain vision of those peculiar times that were the 90s’. Times when the homosexual community went through tragic hardships, whose consequences can still be felt today” the director highlighted. “Great artists, filmmakers, writers disappeared at this time and are still missed today” he reminded, quoting writer Hervé Guibert and director Jacques Demy.

27 apr 2020

mk2 FILMS launches private online mini-market “Reality Beyond Fiction”

mk2 FILMS launches private online mini-market “Reality Beyond Fiction” with TRIBECA...

22 apr 2020

Rosalie Varda Joins mk2 films As Senior Advisor

mk2 is proud to welcome Rosalie Varda to our team at mk2 films. Rosalie has worked as a costume designer in theatre,...

30 mar 2020

OFFICE UPDATE – The mk2 films team remains fully operational and available

“I live in cinema. I feel I’ve lived here forever.” Agnès Varda  ...

21 feb 2020

mk2 films launches sales on 4 new films at 2020 EFM

N’importe qui désire trouver des Atrovent 250 UDV respectés dans la pharmacie de chez soi ici simplement...