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France / documentary / English, French

in pre-production

An unpredictable documentary from a fascinating storyteller, Agnès Varda’s next film sheds light on her experience as a director, bringing a personal insight to what she calls “cine-writing,” traveling from Rue Daguerre in Paris to Los Angeles and Beijing.

Production: Ciné Tamaris

France, Inde / drama / English, Hindi

Cast : Vivek Gomber , Tillotama Shome

in post-production

In Mumbai, Ratna, a young widow from the countryside, works as a servant for Ashwin, a son from a good family whose wedding has just been called off. As he’s trying to pull himself together, he starts to fall in love with Ratna. But these new feelings may not suit their social positions.

Japon / drama / Japanese

Cast : Masahiro Higashide , Erika Karata

in post-production

One day Asako’s first love suddenly disappears. Two years later, she meets his perfect double.

Production: Nagoya Broadcasting Network, Bitters End & Comme des Cinémas

in post-production

Jessica is the leader of a group of lost boys with a violent past who now seek peace and harmony. She is the only one to have ever brought them love and understanding. They only wish to create a world where they can live in peace together, and forever.

Production: Ecce Films – French distribution: Le Pacte

2017 / France, Japon, Singapore / drama / Cantonese, English, Japanese, Mandarin / 90’

Cast : Takumi Saitoh , Mark Lee , Jeanette Aw , Tsuyoshi Ihara , Tetsuya Bessho , Beatrice Chien , Seiko Matsuda


Masato, a young ramen chef, leaves his hometown in Japan to embark on a culinary journey to Singapore to find out the truth about his past. He uncovers a lot more than family secrets and delicious recipes.

Roumanie / documentary / Romanian / 70’

Cast : Laurenţiu Ginghină , Corneliu Porumboiu


“Last fall, a good childhood friend of mine, Florin, told me that his brother, Laurențiu, invented a new sport by changing the rules of the football game. One month later I went to my hometown, Vaslui, with a small film crew, to learn more about the new sport …”

Production: 42 Km Film

2017 / France / black comedy. drama / French / 95’

Cast : Romain Duris , Isabelle Huppert , José Garcia


Mrs. Géquil is a shy teacher despised by her colleagues and students. On a stormy night, while conducting an experiment in her lab, she is struck by lightning and faints. When she wakes up, she feels decidedly different… and the appearance of the dangerous Mrs. Hyde soon impacts on Mrs. Géquil’s teaching methods.

“Serge Bozon evokes both vintage Jean-Luc Godard and the Coen brothers”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Huppert's performance is completely against her type and it's still a mesmerizing watch... a social commentary that packs a punch wrapped in a screwball comedy form. Highly recommended.”

Dustin Chang, ScreenAnarchy

“Bozon’s stories are built around distinctive deadpan cadences reminiscent of Jim Jarmusch and Aki Kaurismaki, with topical undertones.”

Eric Kohn, IndieWire

“The director Serge Bozon is making his way, like a French Vincente Minnelli or Frederick Wiseman, through his country’s institutions… What starts off, with reckless ambiguity, as a sour indulgence in stereotypes of both the right and the left morphs into a wild science-fiction comedy, complete with simple but spectacular special effects. Mrs. Géquil performs an experiment on herself, becomes Madame Hyde, and turns into an extraordinarily effective teacher and a menace. With his antics, Bozon offers a philosophical vision, presenting a model of authentic progress that’s also a model of authentic regression..”

Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Bozon also paints a picture of a contemporary French high school that’s at once recognizable (the students look and act like realistically) and off-the-wall (the latter also through the establishment’s loony director, played to outlandish perfection by Romain Duris in oversized, pastel-colored suits and a decidedly unflattering, asymmetrical haircut). The two films offer two very different takes on what teachers can achieve and how their private and professional lives may intersect.”

Boyd Van Hoeij, The Hollywood Reporter

“It's refreshing to watch Isabelle Huppert's madcap dash of a performance.”

Jordan Ruimy, The Playlist

“[Huppert] is never less than a pleasure to watch for an actress who can radiate enough command to part a minor sea. And she is, of course, excellent.”

Jessica Kiang, Variety

France / documentary / French / 122’


Women of African descent converse about what it means to be a woman today and belong to the Afro community. By sharing their experiences and aspirations for the future, they speak up and take control again of their own representation.

Production & French distribution : Bras de Fer Production et Distribution

“A touching and lucid Afro-feminist documentary, showing how racist clichés are thick skinned”

Les Inrockuptibles

2017 / Chine, France, Japon / drama / Mandarin

Cast : Tao ZHAO , Liao Fan

in production

Datong, China, 2001. A pretty, young dancer named Qiao is in love with Bin, a local mobster. During a fight between rival gangs, she fires a gun to protect her boyfriend. But this will owe her five years in prison. Upon her release, Qiao goes looking for Bin to tr y and start all over again.

2017 / France, Pologne, Royaume-Uni / drama / French, Polish

Cast : Tomasz Kot , Joanna Kulig , Agata Kulesza , Jeanne Balibar , Cédric Kahn

in production

Cold War follows two lovers, as passionate about music as they are about each other, from Stalinist Poland, via Berlin and Yugoslavia, to the salons and jazz clubs of 1950’s Paris.

A story of impossible love, in impossible times.

2017 / France / drama / French

Cast : Vincent Lindon

in post-production

After promising 1100 employees that they would protect their jobs, the managers of a factory decide to suddenly close up shop. Laurent takes the lead in a fight against this decision.

in post-production

In a town on the French Riviera, detective Yvonne is the young widow of police chief Santi, a local hero. When she realizes her husband was not exactly the model of virtue so idolized by their young son, and that an innocent young man, Antoine, has spent 8 years in prison as Santi’s scapegoat, she is thrown into turmoil. Yvonne wants to do everything she can to help this very charming Antoine get back to his life and his wife . Everything that is, except telling the truth. But Antoine is having trouble adjusting to life on the other side, to say the least, and soon blows a fuse leading to a spectacular sequence of events.

in production

David, who gets by doing odd jobs, meets Lena, who has just moved up to Paris, and falls in love. But soon after, his life is brutally interrupted by the sudden death of his sister. Beyond the shock, and the pain, David now finds himself alone with his young niece Amanda to care for.


2017 / France / drama / English, French

Cast : Peter Mullan , Julia Föry , Arieh Worthalter

in production

72 hours from the final of an international female bodybuilding championships. Lea Pearl is set to compete for the prestigious title of Miss Heaven, to which she has devoted the last 4 years of her life. Her mentor Al, himself a former bodybuilding star, keeps a jealous watch over her, in the hopes that thanks to his Pearl, he can once again be in the spotlight. But Lea Pearl’s past catches up with her, just a few hours from the final, when her ex-lover Ben shows up with the 6-year-old son she has not seen in 4 years…

in post-production

Jacques is a writer living in Paris. He hasn’t turned 40 but already mistrusts that the best in life is yet to come. Arthur is a student living in Brittany. He reads and smiles a lot and refuses to think that everything in life might not be possible. Jacques and Arthur will like each other. Just like in a lovely dream. Just like in a sad story.

drama / English

Cast : Indya Moore , McCaul Lombardi

in pre-production

On the steps outside New York City’s dizzying central bus station, Port Authority, a beautiful girl named Wye vogues with her friends. Paul, a young teenager who has just arrived in the big city, watches,  transfixed by her. Wye belongs to a “ballroom community” of voguing queer minority youth. As their love story blossoms, Paul realizes Wye was born a boy and starts questioning himself and his attraction to her…

A transgender love story set in New York’s underground ballroom culture.
Production Madeleine Films (Virginie Lacombe and Frédéric de Goldschmidt, France)

2017 / France / drama / French / 86’

Cast : Marine Vacth , Gael Garcia Bernal , Nahuel Pérez Biscayart


Daniel is cast out of his community after the death of his best friend. He finds refuge in a hotel for castaways and broken souls and drifts into violence. An unexpected ray of light enlivens his existence when he meets Francine.

Inspired by the novel Halfway House by Guillermo Rosales

Original soundtrack by Academy Award-winner Gabriel Yared (The English Patient)

Produced by Nord-Ouest Films / Pierre Guyard
French distribution: Diaphana

“Vibrant cinematography and production design that’s equal parts Barton Fink and Enter the Void.”


By a little bay near Marseille lies a picturesque villa owned by an old man. His three children have gathered by his side for his last days: Angela, an actress living in Paris, Joseph, who has just fallen in love with a girl half his age and Armand, the only one who stayed behind in Marseille to run the family’s small restaurant. It’s time for them to weigh up what they have inherited of their father’s ideals and the community spirit he created in this magical place. The arrival, at a nearby cove, of a group of boat people will throw these moments of reflection into turmoil he created in this magical place.


“Full of grace and emotion”

Le Monde

“Sumptuous and deeply affecting. Beautifully told, well-acted and well written”

Les Inrockuptibles

“A major film, with a tenderness worthy of Renoir”


“A consistent and very strong emotion”

Les Cahiers du Cinéma

“The editorial board’s firm favourite”

*** Studio Ciné Live

“A simple and overwhelming moment, crystallizing in itself all the emotion of the cinema of Guédiguian.”

La Septième Obsession

“Strong and beautiful characters, both iconic and so human”

Bande à part

“A beautiful film, melancholic and lucid”




“A very poignant and emotional film”

Corriere della Sera

“One of Robert Guédiguian’s most satisfying recent films”



Lila and Mo meet at a bus stop.
Lila has a paralysing speech impediment.
Mo is chatty and exuberant.
Lila is preparing for her exams.
Mo illegally races cars for a living.
Opposites attract, and they fall in love.
But Mo carries a secret burden…

“A tale of visceral love … Delicate and surprising”


France / documentary / English, French / 113’


For the first time, 40 years after her death, the most famous opera singer ever tells her own stor y – in her own words. Featuring previously unknown footage, unseen photographs, personal Super 8 films, private live recordings, intimate letters and rare behind-the scenes archival footage for the first time in colour .

Featuring images and footage of Callas, Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Alain Delon, Yves Saint-Laurent, J.F. Kennedy, Luchino Visconti, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly and Liz Taylor, among others.

“Such artistry!”

Figaro Magazine

“An unique documentary without clichés on the work of the artist”


“The words and the extraordinary career of the great singer inspire a documentary full of love and elegance”

Journal du Dimanche

“We are conquered by the woman, her mix of strength and vulnerability. Her moral elegance, above all. Brava... bravo!”


“A film very respectful of the legend, that will delight the fans of Callas”


“A wonderful documentary (...) A valuable firsthand account from Maria's point of view”

Corriere della Sera

“Magnificent. When the film comes out, do yourself a favor and go see it”

La Reppublica

“A must for the fans and for those who wish to discover her”

*** Studio Ciné Live

“An enchanting story”

Vanity Fair

“A magnificent film”

Huffington Post

2016 / France / drama / French / 97’

Cast : Sandrine Bonnaire , Eriq Ebouaney , Bibi Tanga


Abbas, a high school teacher in the Central African Republic, has fled his war-torn country with his two children. They now live in France, where Abbas works at a food market, while applying for political asylum. A French woman, Carole, falls in love with him and offers a roof for him and his family. When Abbas’ application is rejected, they face a crucial decision.

“A deeply felt, compassionate film”

★★★★ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“Warm and subtly heartbreaking”

The Hollywood Reporter

2016 / Algeria, France, Germany / drama / Arabic / 113’

Cast : Mohamed Djouhri , Sonia Mekkiou , Mehdi Ramdani , Hassan Kachach , Nadia Kaci , Samir El Hakim , Aure Atika


Algeria today. Past and present collide in the lives of a newly wealthy property developer, a young woman torn between the path of reason and sentiment and an ambitious neurologist impeded by wartime wrongdoings. Three stories that plunge us into the human soul of a contemporary Arab society.

“Remarkably assured”

The Globe and Mail - Canada

“An intriguing first feature from writer-director Karim Moussaoui that explores the damaged emotional landscape of his homeland. At times recalls Abbas Kiarostami’s Through the Olive Trees”

The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s heartening to see such delicate stories of ordinary people come to the fore”


“A precise, patient, emphatic and elegiac look on the characters. A good-looking combination of emotion and meditation”

Les Inrocks

“Algeria's past and present take flight in "Until the Birds Return… a very brave, involving and important film”

Lisa Nesselson, France 24

2016 / France, Italie / adventure / Italian / 90’

Cast : Giacomo Ferrara , Aurélia Poirier , Lou Castel , Ivan Franek


During a break on a rooftop Teco the baker witnesses the intriguing fall of a strange bird. He decides to venture closer for a better look.
This is only the beginning of a most inconceivable journey on the labyrinthine rooftops of Rome.

“A fantastic open-air world”

La Reppublica

“Only Fulvio Risuleo could make such a bizarre and original movie like Look Up and only Giacomo Ferrara could interpret its leading role”

Rolling Stone

2016 / France / comedy. dramedy / French / 81’

Cast : Jacky Ido , Jean-Baptiste Anoumon , Tatiana Rojo , Ralph Amoussou , Gilles Cohen


Dapperly dressed Charles, nicknamed the Prince, is the charismatic leader of a group of hustlers that cajole potential clients into the hair salons around Paris’ Chateau d’Eau metro station. But  Charles has dreams of his own – settling down and owning Mourat’s failing barber shop.

A kaleidoscopic portrait of daily life in a working-class area of Paris, captivatingly seen through the eyes of the employees and clientele of the African hair salons located there, with a more general homage to the French capital, and the resourcefulness and vivacity of the people who live in it.

“A funny, benevolent, smart comedy”

Les Inrockuptibles


17 year-old Valeria is pregnant by her teenage boyfriend, but she hasn’t informed her absent mother April. When her sister Clara goes behind her back and calls April, their mother arrives full of concern, support and tenderness. But once the baby is born, it soon becomes clear why Valeria wanted to keep April as far away as possible.

“Just savour the ride”


“Franco continues to show his skill at building tension and presenting characters that leave the viewer slightly off balance… he manages to maintain credibility as he ramps up the emotional stakes”


“The sly star performance of Emma Suarez should be a selling point for distributors in the wake of Julieta”


“Franco’s most commercial offering to date”


“Michel Franco has a fierce, fucked-up mind; sordid, sexy, soapy, possibly superb”

James McAllister, Culture Fly

“A precisely constructed mother-daughter sunlit melodrama #Cannes2017”

Martyn Conterio, Little White Lies

“Another solid effort from Michel Franco - Stunning acting from all of the leads in a well wrapped, engrossing package”

The Hollywood News, US

“After Julieta, a sublime Emma Suárez”

Le Monde