A film by Wim Wenders

Cast : Andie Macdowell, Bill Pullman, Gabriel Byrne

1996 / thriller / Etats-Unis / original title : THE END OF VIOLENCE / 122’ / Color / status : completed / English / long feature-film / French and International catalog

Two men have been hired to kill film producer Mike Max who has built his career on exploiting violence. They successfully abduct him but the next day their bodies are discovered, decapitated.

Inspector Doc Block is in charge of investigating the case. He pieces together a plausible scenario : Mike Max was kidnapped but somehow freed himself and blew his kidnappers’ heads off. Ex-NASA scientist Ray Bering by chance saw part of the crime on the surveillance screen in the top-secret laboratory he is setting up inside the Griffith Park Observatory.

The system he is developing aims at putting an end to violence as we know it. The images Bering manages to capture are strangely blurred and difficult to read. He then realizes he is also being observed.