A film by Kent Jones

Cast : Willem Dafoe, Sandra Hüller, Samy Burch

drama / USA / Color / status : in pre-production / English / long feature-film / All Rights

Late Fame is the story of Ed Saxberger (Dafoe), who wrote a book of poetry a long time ago that no one ever cared about. When a group of young artists rediscover his work, he must reassess his genius. The wild card in the group is Gloria (Hüller), a talented and mercurial theatre actress who toys with affections and who is all set to be admired by this legendary Saxberger figure from a gritty New York golden age.

Wickedly ironic and unexpectedly poignant, Late Fame is a story about the illusory effect of praise on the soul, and the lingering ghostly presence of the past, whether it’s imagined or vividly remembered.