19 jun 2020 mk2 films and The Exchange Journey Together with Leonardo da Vinci in ‘THE INVENTOR’

A stop motion animated feature, THE INVENTOR follows the incredible journey of creative genius Leonardo da Vinci in a humorous and inventive story for the whole family.


Written and directed by Jim Capobianco, the Academy Award nominated writer of Pixar hit Ratatouille, the project gathers an award-winning creative team with a stellar track record in animation. Jim Capobianco’s credits also include key contributions to Disney and Pixar animated classics like The Lion King, Wall-E, Inside Out or Coco. THE INVENTOR is produced by Robert Rippberger and Jim Capobianco and is executive produced by Don Hahn, producer of some of the most successful animated films in recent history including The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. DoP Peter Sorg previously worked on cult stop-motion features Frankenweenie and Coraline. In addition to the stop motion, some hand-drawn sequences will be overseen by Academy Award nominee Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea). Music will be done by Alex Mandel who composed for the academy award winning Pixar film, Brave.

Executive production credits also include Ilan Urroz, Kat Alioshin Stephan Roelants, Carmella Casinelli, Dave Lugo, Wes Hull, and Eleanor Coleman. The film is a European and American coproduction from Foliascope (France), Melusine Productions (Luxembourg), Curiosity Studio (Ireland), and Leo & King (USA).

This exhilarating adventure will be voiced by erudite comedian Stephen Fry (Alice in Wonderland, V for Vendetta, Gosford Park, Wilde) as Leonardo and Star Wars hero Daisy Ridley (Star Wars sequel trilogy, Murder on the Orient Express, Ophelia) will give life to enterprising French Princess Marguerite – with additional cast to be announced soon.


The film will recall the wondrous life of insatiably curious and headstrong inventor Leonardo da Vinci who leaves Italy to join the French court, where he can experiment freely, inventing flying contraptions, incredible machines, and studying the human body. There, joined in his adventure by the audacious princess Marguerite, Leonardo will uncover the answer to the ultimate question ~ “What is the meaning of it all?”

“We are making this film for children and the child in many adults. It has action, adventure, beauty and humor. We hope it will spark curiosity in its young audience and inspire girls and boys to become the Leonardo’s of the 21st century. We are ecstatic to join mk2 and The Exchange as we bring The Inventor to the big screen,” said Jim Capobianco and Robert Rippberger.

“To this day Leonardo Da Vinci’ brilliance is a global inspiration for young and old alike. Having his story told through Jim’s brilliant eyes for a family audience, gives this project unique North-American breakout value,” said O’Shea of The Exchange.

“Jim Capobianco’s boundless imagination shines a new light on Leonardo da Vinci’s epic life, and makes it an adventurous, fun story that is full of surprises for the whole family, and adds a splash of existentialism to boot. We are truly thrilled to be accompanying the work of such creative and experienced artists” said Fionnuala Jamison and Olivier Barbier of mk2 films.

With a budget of $10M, the film is currently in pre-production, with shooting scheduled for August 2021, and delivery in Spring 2023. mk2 films handles international sales while The Exchange handles sales in the USA.

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