14 oct 2020 Homage to Claude Chabrol with new film cycle ‘Suspense in the Female Form’

At Festival Lumière in Lyon (France), Paris-based mk2 Films has just launched the promotion of a film cycle called “Suspense in the Female Form” dedicated to Claude Chabrol and the female heroines of his films.

10 years after the passing of “France’s master of suspense”, this cycle of 5 features shines a fresh new light on the true heroes of these films: women.

The company has revealed a slate of 6 artworks designed by US artist Akiko Stehrenberger as well as a new trailer (featuring electronic music from French maestro Vitalic).

The film cycle includes 5 films restored in 4K from the original negatives: THE TORMENT (1994), A JUDGEMENT IN STONE (1995), THE SWINDLE (1997), NIGHTCAP (2000), THE FLOWER OF EVIL (2002).

Cinephiles from around the world have praised this announcement and the new posters design. One of the founders of French Nouvelle Vague (alongside François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Alain Resnais and Agnès Varda), Claude Chabrol soon became known as the “French Hitchcock” for his suspenseful feature films which remain references for the young generation of filmmakers. Palme d’or winner Bong Joon-ho says: “Claude Chabrol’s work has a special charm and influenced my own work. A unique vibe which makes his films eternal.”


About Akiko Stehrenberger

Akiko Stehrenberger is a 15-time CLIO Award winning movie poster illustrator, art director and designer, who works with directors, movie studios, advertising and movie advertising agencies.

Her intention for “Claude Chabrol’s Suspense in the Female Form” retrospective was finding a way to tie all films together as a series, both conceptually and artistically. She achieved this by creating singular images with a visual trick to represent each storyline, and painting them in a style that felt both feminine yet full of tension and suspense:

THE TORMENT “The bra held together by a padlock symbolizes the control and jealousy Paul felt for Nelly.”

A JUDGEMENT IN STONE “Merging lipstick with shotgun shells represents the two dangerous yet best women friends.”

THE SWINDLE “I wanted to show a couple tied together by crime and their love for one another.”

NIGHTCAP “The shape of Marie-Claire’s auburn hairstyle merges nicely into the shape of the piano in the story.”

THE FLOWER OF EVIL “Making a ballot box into a home hints at the many secrets of a political family.”

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