A film by Sophie Reine

Cast : Fanie Zanini, Héloïse Dugas, Franck Gastambide, Camille Cottin, Gustave Kervern

2016 / comedy. drama. dramatic comedy / original title : CIGARETTES ET CHOCOLAT CHAUD / 98’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / International collections

Denis struggles to raise his boisterous daughters Janine and Mercredi on his own while holding down two jobs. Everything goes sour when Denis forgets Mercredi one too many times at the school gates. Séverine, a cheerful social worker, is appointed to scrutinize the family’s daily lives.

Produced by Mandarin Productions
French distribution: Diaphana
US distribution: Oscilloscope


“An exhilarating breathe of fresh air”

Paris Match

“A genuine ‘feel good’ movie”

“Bright and funny”

“Can be compared to Matt Ross’ ‘Captain Fantastic’”


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