26 feb 2018 mk2 films cooks up sales for RAMEN SHOP

The Berlinale culinary section title Ramen Shop premiered on Thursday night, swift sales were made to:

Sweden (Folkets bio), Norway (As Fidalgo), Austria (Film Laden), Poland (Aurora), Turkey (Filma), Israel (New Cinema), Czech Republic (Aero Films), Spain (Avalon), Benelux (Imagine), Switzerland (Filmcoopi), Hungary (Cirko), South Korea (Company L), Taiwan (Moviecloud), Brazil (Imovision), Colombia & Regional Pay TV (Cineplex), Mexico (Cine y Video)

“We’re thrilled with the response from buyers to this heartwarming story of food and family about a young Japanese ramen chef in search of his Singaporean roots” says Juliette Schrameck Managing Director of mk2 films.