A film by Laetitia Dosch

Cast : Laetitia Dosch, François DAMIENS, Jean-Pascal ZADI, Anne DORVAL, Pierre DELADONCHAMPS, Anabela MOREIRA

2024 / comedy / Suisse, France / original title : WHO LET THE DOG BITE? / status : completed / French / General Audience / long feature-film / All Rights / International collections

April, an independently minded lawyer known for taking on lost causes, resolves to secure a victory in her next case. However, when Dariuch another seemingly hopeless client, ask her to defend his faithful canine companion, Cosmos, April is unable to resist. She dives into the absurdity of defending a canine client, confronting not only the legal system but also advocating for both women’s and animal rights. A lively and at time comical court case unfolds – where a dog’s life hangs in the balance.

A courtroom comedy with a lively cast that raises questions about our relationships with animals.


“A zany, funny, intelligent and highly singular first feature. Audiences, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a humorous and witty romp on the edge of absurdity. Totally out of the ordinary. Highly masterful in its offbeat singularity. Buñuel certainly wouldn't have denied such a satirical and metaphorical subject, but Laetitia Dosch imbues it with her own style, rich in jostling emotions and baroque finds. An extremely funny film between an almost ‘cartoonish’ or Chaplin-esque spirit and much more serious fundamental questions. A wild, loquacious cocktail that everyone can interpret to their heart's content.”


“Dosch directs with undeniable confidence. DoP Alexis Kavyrchine gets good mileage out of the imposing Swiss courtrooms. A visually lively and handsome production. Not one of those doggy performances that is all in the editing: this superbly trained mutt has a large repertoire of expressive looks, he also jumps, howls along with French chansons and flops obligingly in court. The most expressive canine thespian seen in Cannes since The Artist’s internationally acclaimed Uggie.”


“The pace is brisk and the humour eye-wateringly outré in the style of French comedian Blanche Gardin. A pithy dark comedy. What starts as a satire lampooning animal welfare soon ripples out into the thornier territory of street violence, casual misogyny, racism and even trivial consumer concerns. Going from strength to strength, Dosch clearly has a talent for comedy.”



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