A film by David Lynch

Cast : James Marshall, Peggy Lipton, Chris Isaak, Heather Graham, Pamela Gidley, Miguel Ferrer, Eric DaRe, Phoebe Augustine, Dana Ashbrook, Ray Wise, Harry Dean Stanton, Moira Kelly, David Bowie, Sheryl Lee, David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan

1992 / psychological thriller / original title : TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME / 135’ / Color / status : completed / Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 12 / long feature-film / French catalog

A little quiet town tucked in a valley. Population : 51, 201. A mysterious death and an inquiry like a charade. A diary kept secret, a pact, a malevolent other-self and a ring. Dreams, hallucinations, forebodings. Short-lived love stories, a singer distilling souvenirs of a by-gone time. A red room, white lines, and a bobby-soxer who finishes burning her life away? This is the world of TWIN PEAKS : FIRE WALK WITH ME.


Special bonus: The Missing Pieces (deleted scenes directed and edited by David Lynch, presented as a feature-length 90’ experience)


“ At its best, it's a dream within a dream, a nightmare in endlessly reflecting pop mirrors, a screen full of TV-movie sex and horror kitsch blowing up right in our faces.”

Los Angeles Times