A film by Koji Fukada

Cast : Taiga, Mariko Tsutsui, Kanji Furutachi, Tadanobu Asano, Momone Shinokawa, Kana Mahiro

2016 / psychological thriller / Japon / original title : FUCHI NI TATSU / 118’ / Color / status : completed / Japanese / long feature-film / French and International catalog

Toshio hires Yasaka in his workshop. This old acquaintance, who has just been released from prison, begins to meddle in Toshio’s family life…


“The film's insights don't merely hit their targets; they smash it with a sledgehammer”


“A sharp melodrama whose intersections bring about a deep turmoil”

Le Monde

“Its cinematic and intellectual rigor should resound [...] This tale approaches a family’s flawed construct with the critical seriousness of Robert Bresson or Fukada’s compatriot Nagisa Oshima”



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