A film by François Truffaut

Cast : Marie-France Pisier

1962 / comedy / France / original title : ANTOINE AND COLETTE / 32’ / status : completed / French / short film / French catalog

Antoine Doinel (the young hero of The Four Hundred Blows) now eighteen years old. At a concert of the ‘Jeunesses musicales’, he immediately falls in love with a young student. So he can see her all the time, he moves into the apartment opposite. He even becomes her parents’ protégé, but the closer he thinks he is getting to her, the further away she goes.

Le court-métrage est intégré au film à sketch : L’Zmour à vingt ans. Réalisé par Shintaro Ishihara, Renzo Rossellini, François Truffaut, Marcel Ophüls, Andrzej Wajda, le film présente cinq sketches sur les amours de jeunes gens de cinq pays différents.