A film by Sébastien LIFSHITZ

Cast : Stéphanie MICHELINI, Yasmine BELMADI, Edouard NIKITINE, Josiane STOLERU, Corentin CARINOS, Perrine STEVENARD, Benoit VERHAERT, Fabrice RODRIGUEZ, Jacques HERY, Amine ADJINA, Christophe SERMET, Loic PICHON, Veronika PEREVERZECA

2004 / drama / France / 93'’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film

Mikhail and Djamel share the bed of a young transsexual, Stéphanie. At the beginning, their story is about three solitary people who encounter each other. Despite their chaotic lives, they find comfort in each other’s arms.


“Lyrical yet succinct”

Los Angeles Times

“Lifshitz successfully maneuvers his trio of outcasts toward a state of grace: His vision of misfit utopianism, in its own quiet way, is as defiant as anything in Fassbinder.”

Village Voice

“The collage of poetic visual asides and emotional exchanges courts effusiveness, but it remains earnest and hauntingly expressive of an inner human turmoil.”

Slant Magazine