A film by Krzysztof Kieslowski

Cast : Irène Jacob, Jean-Louis Trintignant

1994 / drama / France, Suisse, Pologne / original title : TROIS COULEURS ROUGE / 96’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film / French and International catalog

Irène Jacob is stunning as a young model who meets a retired judge by chance when she rescues his dog from a car accident. Jean-Louis Trintignant is utterly compelling as the embittered judge who spends his days eaves dropping on his neighbours’phone conversations. Their initially fiery relationship wellows into a close friendship which ultimately liberates them both. A final twist of fate reveals the destinies of the characters from all three parts of the trilogy.

Nomination for Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival

4 nominations at the BAFTA Awards including Best Actress

6 nominations at the Césars Awards including Best Film

Winner of Best Music at the Césars Awards

Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes

3 nominationsat the Academy Awards including Best Director