A film by Jaco Van Dormael

Cast : Didier Ferney, Hugo Harold Harrisson, Sandrine Blancke, Thomas Godet, Michel Bouquet, Jo De Backer, Mireille Perrier

1991 / dramatic comedy / Belgium / original title : TOTO LE HÉROS / 90’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film / French catalog

This is the story of an old man who wonders if he hasn’t missed out on his life, without realizing it, foolishly, for no apparent reason. He is convinced that, when he was born, he was taken for someone else. And this someone else has been living his life for him ever since. To avenge destiny, he dreams that later, when he’s all grown up, he will be a secret agent. But instead, he became a surveyor, without realizing it, foolishly, for no apparent reason. One day, he meets Evelyne who he could have loved as much as he loved his sister when he was a child. But the problem is that someone else has experienced even this love in his place… Now, old Thomas Van Hasebroeck has rediscovered the imagination and energy of young Thomas when he dreamed that he would, one day, be Toto the hero. So, to give his life meaning, he makes some terrible, violent decisions…

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“Jaco Van Dormael makes his dazzlingly inventive debut with this intricately constructed tale.”