A film by Sébastien LIFSHITZ

Cast : Stéphane BOUQUET, Sébastien LIFSHITZ

2001 / documentary / France / original title : La Traversée / 85'’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film

“When I was born, my father had already gone back to the US. For some reason I cannot explain, his mother refused to inform him that I was born. I know just a few things about him; his name; his date of birth; his height and his profession from then: soldier. When I told Sébastien Lifshitz my story, he offered to go find my father in the US together, and to make a movie out of it…”

Stéphane Bouquet


“The heady charm of La Traversée lies in this great gap which mixes exhibition and modesty, documentary and fiction, unease and appeasement.”

Les Inrockuptibles