A film by Charles de Meaux

Cast : Fan Bin BIn, Nicolas Cazalé, Nicolas Duvauchelle, David Carradine

2011 / drama. thriller / France / original title : STRETCH / 90’ / Color / status : completed / General Audience / long feature-film / French catalog

Christophe, a young horse racing jockey from Paris, is filled with hope and ambition. Yet after a race, he tests positive for illegal substances and is subsequently suspended from racing. He decides to move to Macau, in Asia. There his circumstances change very quickly: he wins one race after another, earning himself large amounts of money and success with women. But, his new life also brings him an ever-increasing sense of solitude. Macau has its own unspoken rules that Christophe thinks he can ignore. But events start to gain momentum as the net tightens around him. Motivated by love for an intriguing young Chinese woman, Christophe ends up gambling with his own destiny, but this time on the card tables.