A film by Sébastien LIFSHITZ

Cast : Yasmine BELMADI, Pierre-Loup RAJOT, Margot ABASCAL, Mohamed DAMRAOUI, Dora DHOUIB, Malik ZIDI, Sébastien LIFSHITZ, Karim BELKHADRA, Véronique ESTEL

1998 / drama / France / original title : LES CORPS OUVERTS / 48'’ / Color / status : completed / French / short film / All Rights / International collections

Eighteen-year-old Rémi goes to a casting where the director appears to be drawn to his acting as much as his physique. Confused by his first experience, Rémi wanders around Paris in search of himself.


“Lensing captures plenty of local color for an unmistakable parisian feel.”


“An unusually sensitive portrait of late adolescence with its half-formed desires and the tug of war between sexual curiosity and reticence.”

New York Times