A film by Sam Newfield

Cast : Buster Crabbe, Barton Mac Laine, Orsay d&quot

1944 / adventure / original title : NABONGA / 62’ / Black & White / status : completed / long feature-film / International collections

In an effort to clear the name of his deceased father, young Ray Gorman travels to darkest Africa to try to track down the money embezzled from his father’s bank years earlier. After a long trek through the jungle Gorman finds the money in the care of beautiful ‘white witch’ Doreen, daughter of the now long-dead embezzler. Gorman finds his goal difficult to accomplish as not only does Doreen, guarded by a huge, ferocious gorilla, not want to give up the money, but greedy guide Carl Hurst has followed Gorman’s trail, intent on getting the money himself by any means necessary.