A film by Serge Frydman

Cast : Vanessa Paradis, Vincent Rottiers

2005 / drama. romantic comedy / original title : MON ANGE / 94’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / French catalog

One night, Colette gets a phone call that wasn’t intended for her: a woman she’s never heard of, who’s coming out of prison, asks her to go and pick up her little boy. Colette goes to pick up the boy, a certain Billy, who is actually no child but dangerously close to adulthood. Although she doesn’t know it yet, Billy’s problems have just become Colette’s. Their lives are now linked… because she is all he has in the world… and he, maybe, is all she has too.


“Two wounded souls explore the fragile poetry of happenstance. The actors couldn’t be better.”