A film by Billy Wilder, Alexander Esway

Cast : Raymond Galle, Pierre Mingand, Danielle Darrieux

1934 / drama / 86’ / status : completed / General Audience / long feature-film / International collections

The film is a gleefully cynical boulevard farce that follows the path of the aimless spoiled son of a wealthy doctor – Henry Pasquier – after his father cuts off his allowance. Henry soon falls in with a gang of Parisian car thieves where he befriends Jean and falls in love with Jean’s sister, Jeannette who serves as the gang’s sole female operative, luring wealthy men away from their luxury vehicles so the gang can steal them.

Mauvaise Graine, Billy Wilder’s directorial début, is a model for the French New Wave film of the sixties and its visual celebration of Paris is reason enough to see the film!