A film by Raoul Peck

1991 / documentary / original title : LUMUMBA, LA MORT DU PROPHÈTE / 69’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / All Rights / French and International catalog

In the infinite nighttime beauty of the African savannah, two men have been given the task of cutting up three dead bodies. Then burn them. And then bury them. So ended Patrice Lumumba’s life, the man who was the first Prime Minister of the newly independent Republic of the Congo for just three months. But this is also where his story begins.


Restored by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project and Cineteca di Bologna at L’Immagine Ritrovata/L’Image Retrouvée in collaboration with Velvet Film and supervised by Raoul Peck. Funding provided by the Hobson/Lucas Family Foundation. This restoration is part of the African Film Heritage Project, an initiative created by The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project, the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers and UNESCO – in collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna – to help locate, restore, and disseminate African cinema.


“…a true poem about history, about a country, about a man.”


“ An exceptional film that encourages the viewer to engage in the urgent task of interrogating history and our place in it.”

California Newsreel