A film by Tareque Masud

2002 / drama / France, Bangladesh / original title : MATIR MOINA / 94’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / French catalog

Against the backdrop of political unrest in the late 1960’s, Anou, a shy boy from rural East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), is sent off to madrasa by his religious father. There Anu struggles to adjust to the austere monastic life, quite different from the vibrancy and pagan festivity of his village. A growing rift between his parents in the village mirrors an increasing divide between moderate and extremist forces in the madrasa. While the conflicts in Anu’s family and school intensify, growing political upheaval grips the country, culminating in the outbreak of civil war. Then, as his mother makes her own life choice, the once passive Anu finds a new path into adulthood.