A film by Otar Iosseliani

Cast : Peter Cloos, Alix De Montaigu, Pascal Aubier

1984 / drama / original title : LES FAVORIS DE LA LUNE / 111’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / French catalog

Jewelry, porcelain, paintings… all lovingly created then sold, given as gifts, destroyed, stolen, resold. Both good and bad deeds pass them from hand to hand; others link people together : the artist burglar, the locksmith who makes unbreakable locks, the robbed bandit financier, the feather-brained coquette and the corrupt judge, the seducer adventurer, the innocent manicurist and conspiring retired people, not forgetting the unbearable young children and the policeman who sees and hears everything. The objects fly about and feelings do too. The superb full length portrait of a 19th Century lady, shortened with a razor each time it is stolen and before being resold becomes a mere hurriedly framed head…