A film by Damien Odoul

Cast : Maxime Dalbrut, Dominique Chevallier, Pierre Louis Bonnetblanc

2000 / drama / original title : DEEP BREATH / 77’ / Black & White / status : completed / long feature-film / French catalog

One stifling afternoon, during the summer vacation, on an isolated farm, David, a fifteen-year old boy, gets rolling drunk for the first time in his life. His two uncles have invited their old pals over for a barbecue, washed down with copius quantities of wine. They get the teenager drunk who then goes wandering in search of love and longing for a soul mate. His alcohol-induced frenzy and violent rebellion against the world of the grownups lead this troubled teenager to do something extreme…
“A frighteningly convincing portrait of random, idiotic behavior on a ramshackle sheep farm in France.” Variety


“« Un film que l’on suit de bout en bout avec le sentiment euphorique de ne pouvoir anticiper aucune scène. »”