A film by Antoine Barillot

Cast : Jhon Rachid, Youssef Hajdi

2020 / Color / status : completed / General Audience / short film / All Rights / International collections

For the Paris Opera’s 3e Scène YouTuber Jhon Rachid and director Antoine Barillot bring together two worlds— suburban Paris and opera — in a lively and original story.

« Le Fantôme » reinvent the famous legend of the phantom of the Opera in an unconventional urban tale and explores with humour the duality between the suburban world and that of opera, never takes itself too seriously. For once, beauty is not necessarily where we expect it…

In a public-housing complex near Paris, Sofiane is looking for Rani, a former accomplice of his gangster father. But Rani is hiding out in the Palais Garnier and haunting the building in the guise of the phantom of the Opera….