A film by François Truffaut

Cast : Henri Garcin, Fanny Ardant, Gérard Depardieu

1981 / drama / France / original title : LA FEMME D'À CÔTÉ / 106’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film / French catalog

A story of passionate love set in the present in the countryside around Grenoble. Seven years ago, Bernard and Mathilde met, fell madly in love and had a turbulent break-up. Destiny brings them back together when Mathilde – who recently married Philippe – moves into the house next door to the one occupied by Bernard, his wife, Arlette and their little boy, Thomas. The witness and confidant to the two former lovers, Madame Jouve – who runs a sports club in the countryside near Grenoble – sees them seal a pact of non-aggression. Who will take the initiative to break it? How far will Bernard and Mathilde go?

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