A film by Olivier Assayas

1996 / dramatic comedy / France / original title : IRMA VEP / 96’ / Color / status : completed / French, English / long feature-film / International collections

When a director in decline decides to remake Louis Feuillade’s silent serial «Les Vampires», he casts a Hong Kong action heroine who does not speak any French. On the chaotic set, she finds petty intrigues, clashing egos and a wardrobe mistress with a crush on her.

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“The cult-classic that made Olivier Assayas a star”

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“Assayas displays an intimate, informal style and a sharp sense of proportion that allows him to have some fun, score some points and then wrap it all up before overstaying his welcome. As effortless as a shrug and boasts a film buff’s dream cast”

Los Angeles Times - Kevin Thomas

“If the rare vitality and wit of IRMA VEP weren't enough to shake jaded viewers in their seats, its climactic blast of optically enhanced images will”

Chicago Sun Times – Lloyd Sachs

“A true torchbearer of the French New Wave – playful, restless, full of invention”

AV Club – Scott Tobias