A film by Patrick Sobelman, Hugo Sobelman

2020 / documentary / 115’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / International collections

Golda Maria is a holocaust survivor and a beloved mother and grandmother whose past is shrouded in mystery.

Born in 1910 in a Jewish family in Poland, raised in 1920’s Berlin, she has to flee to Paris in 1933 and run again to the free zone during the war, where she is separated from her husband and daughter. In May 1944, just a few days before the Normandy landing, she is arrested and deported with her young son. After 12 months in the horror of the camps, she comes back to Paris, without her son but with a life to resume. And a family to love.


In 1994, film producer Patrick Sobelman recorded his grandmother’s story.
Over two decades later, along with his son Hugo, they will shape Golda’s story into a loving portrait which not only uncovers family secrets but which is also a universal testimony from a courageous and spirited woman.



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“Enlightening. A genuine, real and raw glimpse into the power of humanity and our innate ability for survival which is both moving and inspirational.”

Jonathan Marshall - The Upcoming

“A testimony of inestimable human and historical value in memory of a woman who experienced a dramatically exceptional fate ... Inevitably elicits great emotion.”

Fabien Lemercier - Cineuropa


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