Cast : Nisrin Erradi

drama / France, Morocco, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway / original title : EVERYBODY LOVES TOUDA / Color / status : completed / Arabic

Impressible Touda only dreams of one thing: being a Sheikha, a respected traditional Moroccan performer empowered by the lyrics of the fierce female poets who came before her – with their songs of resistance, love and emancipation.
Performing every evening in provincial bars under the lustful gaze of men, Touda plans to set her sights on leaving her small village for the bright lights of Casablanca where she hopes to be recognized as a true artist and also secure a better future for her and her son.

Amidst a hypnotic soundscape of Moroccan music, Nabil Ayouch (Casablanca Beats – Cannes – In Competition, Much Loved – Critic’s Week) portrays a vibrant woman and mother.


“Ayouch approaches Touda’s story with an unflinching and gritty realism. Co-written with director Maryam Touzani (The Blue Caftan), the film is an absorbing portrait of a woman determined to change her life. A story around how women navigate the constraints of gendered conservatism. Some of the most affecting moments in the film are those in which Touda sings aïta, a folkloric genre of Moroccan music rooted in a poetry of liberation. The actress is a gripping screen presence.”


“A Moroccan singer struggles to pursue her art in a heartrending drama.” “It’s the brilliance with which Erradi performs, especially in the musical sequences, and the touching portrait of a woman pursuing her art that sustain and invigorate the film. Erradi sounds consistently amazing. I left immersed in Touda’s story and the openness of Erradi’s face and the spectacular verve of her voice. The film itself makes you love Touda indeed.”


“Music is everything for Touda (an electric performance from Nisrin Erradi). The film explores the theme of music as a vibrant means of self-expression, but there is also a kinship between this and Ayouch’s earlier film Much Loved. The film crackles with energy every time Erradi opens her mouth to sing... Erradi’s magnetism carries the film.”


“Euphoric Everybody Loves Touda marks Nabil Ayouch's triumphant return. A musically rich story about female empowerment. This touching drama is powered by Nisrin Erradi's terrific lead performance. Everybody Loves Touda is a euphoric watch, driven by Erradi, who handles the emotional heft of the film as competently as she manages the musical numbers. Ayouch crafts a feminist-leaning film where women have to fight to be heard. Without heading into spoiler territory, the final shot – as the camera tracks Touda into a lift – is pure perfection. A quietly triumphant moment, it allows Erradi to show what a soulful and skilful performer she is.”



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