A film by Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel

Cast : Lilia Gueneau, Théo Cholbi, Erwan Kepoa Falé

2024 / France / Color / status : completed / French

Pablo, a small-time dealer, and his teenage sister Apolline have forged an unbreakable bond through their shared obsession with the online video game Darknoon. When Pablo falls for the mysterious Night, he gets swept up in their liaison, abandoning his sister to deal with the impending shutdown of their digital haven alone. As Pablo’s reckless choices provoke the wrath of a dangerous rival gang, the end of their virtual life draws near, upending their reality…


“An incredibly ambitious project from France’s new generation of filmmakers, EAT THE NIGHT is an apocalyptic film about bidding farewell to adolescence, but it’s also a love story set in the surreal atmosphere of the city of Le Havre.”

Julien Rejl - Directors' Fortnight's Artistic Director

“A bold and highly ambitious film about youth, the virtual and reality. A resolutely modern film with a commendable audacity, the French duo have set the bar much higher (creating a spectacular video game for the occasion) than for their previous feature., Highly physical and intensely paced, Eat The Night moves skillfully between its fascinating virtual universe) and the very nihilistic everyday life in which the protagonists struggle. The conceptual metaphorical subtext comes through loud and clear, and indeed our contemporary world and its young people are in a bad way.”


“This film isn’t afraid to take pleasure in capturing the sexual appetite of the body. These are some of its strongest scenes, conjuring a steaminess under a proto-electronic score that thrums with energy.”


“Pulses with the heartbeat of survival. The duo’s most accomplished work to date, with some genuinely solid passages a la Dardenne Brothers’ Rosetta vibrations. Le Havre is an interesting backdrop selection – the dwellings with encroachments mismatching with seaside stretches that feel desolate, with cinematographer Raphaël Vandenbussche favoring an ethereal texture which matches with the score supplied by Ssaliva. Poggi/Vinel make great use of blending the online animated sequences and real-life segments.”



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