A film by Sébastien LIFSHITZ

Cast : Stéphane RIDEAU, Laetitia LEGRIX, Nils OHLUND, Réjane KERDAFFREC, Guy HOUSSIER, Violeta FERRER, Jérémie ELKAÏM, Dominique REYMOND, Marie MATHERON

2000 / drama / France / original title : PRESQUE RIEN / 75'’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film

Mathieu, 18, is on holiday by the sea with his family and Annick, who takes care of his depressive mother. One day, Mathieu meets Cédric at the beach. What starts out as a tumultuous adventure unfolds into a true romance over time.


“Captures the uncertainty and emotional turbulence of late adolescence with a poignancy that a more clinically articulate movie never could.”

The New York Times

“Brings maximum subtlety, nuance and insight into the timeless story of first love.”

Los Angeles Times

“A highly credible, if rather unexceptional, look at the many insecurities and occasional joys of young love.”