A film by Augusto Genina

Cast : Pierre Magnier, Linda Moglia, Angelo Ferrari

1923 / adventure. drama. romantic comedy / original title : CIRANO DI BERGERAC / 90’ / Color / status : completed / long feature-film / International collections

Cyrano de Begerac is joyous, witty, a poet, a leader and filled with plenty of charisma and bravado in 17th Century France. He has only one flaw: an unusually long nose which makes him unattractive to any woman. Thus, he cannot have the woman he loves, his cousin Roxanne. Roxanne loves an officer in his army who gets tongue-tied in front of women. Who will Roxanne love? Will Cyrano ever find love? Or will he find happiness in helping the officer woo Roxanne?

Première adaptation du chef-d’œuvre d’Edmond Rostand, dans une version entièrement colorié au pochoir conférant une grande poésie au film.