A film by Claire Denis

Cast : Giulia Boschi, Isaach De Bankole, Francois Cluzet

1988 / drama / France / original title : CHOCOLAT / 105’ / Color / status : completed / French / long feature-film / French catalog

Cameroon on the brink of independence. The Dalens’ live in a small town, run by the French Administration. Marc, the father, is hardly ever home. Aimée, the mother spends most of her days in her yard, gardening. France is their daughter, and she just keeps to what is going on, together with Protée, the black boy running the house, and her best friend.Their peaceful lives are disrupted when an airplane makes a forced landing on their property.

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“Chocolat is one of those rare films with an entirely mature, adult sensibility; it is made with the complexity and subtlety of a great short story.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“I love CHOCOLAT by Claire Denis. I've seen it 1,000 times!”

Wim Wenders

“Claire Denis’ mastery of film-making technology is equaled by her splendid control of narrative. She is astonishing”

The New York Times