A film by Mohammad REZA ASLANI

Iran / 93'’ / status : completed

In the aftermath of his wife’s passing, Haji Amou, a traditionalist and morally compromised merchant, hatches a sinister scheme to eliminate his daughter-in-law, the rightful inheritor of their substantial fortune and the opulent family residence. However, this resolute and forward thinking woman, confined to a wheelchair, proves more formidable than expected. To thwart her stepfather’s devious plot, she enlists the aid of a trusted servant, unaware that she is playing on both sides…


“Aslani pulls story threads together with an elegant moving camera that doesn’t immediately give up all the secrets a scene may contain.”

The New York Times

“a moody tale of ugly family and class dynamics , reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe , complete with an utterly unexpected, numbing final shot.”

The Wall Street Journal