A film by Olga Preobrazhenskaya

Cast : Raisa Puzhnaya, Emma Tsesarskaya, Kuzma Yastrebitsky

1927 / URSS / original title : BABI RYAZANSKYE / 88’ / Tinted / status : completed / French, German / long feature-film / All Rights / International collections

A rural drama. A recently wedded son must go to war (WWI). While he is away, his father makes advances to his young wife and ends up raping her. She gets pregnant and gives birth. Against all odds, the son who was thought to be dead comes back from war. He was only held prisoner. He comes home to discover his wife with a baby. Plagued with shame and guilt, she ends her own life by drowning. Serguei DRESNIN composed our soundtrack in 2008, he used the songs of the women in this region, recorded at the time when they were still living.