A film by Ruben Amar

Cast : Sydney Sweeney

2021 / drama / Etats-Unis / Color / status : in production / English / General Audience / long feature-film / All Rights / International catalogue

SILVER STAR is the story of an unlikely couple, Buddy, a 20-year-old Civil War re-enactor who’s fresh out of jail and struggling to root himself in today’s world, and Franny (Sydney Sweeney), an impulsive, pregnant 19-year-old with nothing to lose. Buddy is determined to reconnect with his estranged parents by saving their home from foreclosure, whatever it takes. During a botched bank robbery, Buddy takes Franny as his hostage and together they embark on an unexpected road trip across America.

Production :  Les Films de la Fusée, Virginie Films,  Corniche Media